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Bodenlegerarbeiten Handwerkerservice Vetter

flooring work

A solid foundation for your project


At Handwerkerservice Vetter we pride ourselves on our quality work, competitive prices and the unique results we deliver. Since our inception we have worked hard to build an excellent reputation as a floor installer. 

We lay for you: laminate floors, Vinyl floors, PVC floors, Carpeted floors, Linoleum floors. 

In an on-site appointment, we will talk through your project with you, measure your floor area for you, create a list of materials and support you in finding the color of your floor so that everything harmonises perfectly with each other.  

Have you already found your dream floor and already have it at home? We would also be happy to lay your own floor for you.

We also repair damage in floors. With some floors it is possible to repair holes or cracks inexpensively, whether and how it is possible to repair your floor can only be discussed by examining your floor on site.   

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally or by telephone.  

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